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Ideas that will inspire!

Ideas that will inspire!

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Image of medicinal trees apple

Healthy Gardens – Planting Medicinal Trees

Inspired by Chinese or maybe by Ayurvedic medicine ... not that it really matters anyway, you can craft a healthy garden with medicinal trees. Nature’s best, most people call it and indeed, you will see just why you need not have just the ornamental trees or the windbreakers, but throwing several medicinal varieties into the mix is a good thing indeed. If you are a gardener and run your small kitchen garden efficiently, you already bare growing some healthy medicinal herbs in there. Don’t believe me? Well... are you growing garlic? Do you have basil? And what about rosemary? Yes, that small tree that smells so wonderful? Isn’t that medicinal?…
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Image of kitchen garden

Making the most of your garden

Your small garden can grow and yield much more, if you know how to make the most out of it. Is this hard? Of course not. You just need to know a few ground rules and you will be good to go. In this hectic world of today, nothing will give you more satisfaction than harvesting your own organic vegetables and herbs for use in your kitchen. Sounds like fantasy especially for the urban folks, but if you have a garden, you can use the tips in this article to make it much more productive. Tip #1: Grow vertical plants if you have a small garden I bet you already…
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Image of a timber deck

Decorating Your Outdoor Timber Deck

Your outdoor timber deck will be your sanctuary during the hot season of summer. Make it livable! Decorating your outdoor timber deck should not be too hard and it should not cost you too much money if you get the right people for the job. At Natures Best Landscaping, we know what your deck needs and how to make it look good. Since you will be spending a lot of time here, and you will be welcoming guests too, it is only fair that your deck looks impressive enough. There are many things to consider, but the chief most of them all is simplicity. Your deck should be simple. Believe…
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Image of landscaping design

Your Landscaping Design – Plan for Perfection

If you see a design of landscaping that you love, take a picture of the same and come to us, we will help make the same for you, and add more features for customization to make sure that you get your heart’s desires. Do you want a landscaping design that can turn heads? You have come to the right place. Tell us what you want and we will bring it to fruition for you. Landscaping is one unique way to add life to your yard. Your garden is a big feature and it is the first thing that guests see when they come to visit you. Therefore, it should be…
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Planting bamboo

How to Plant Bamboo

I once heard about the Chinese bamboo ... you plant bamboo seed, and then water it for 4 years, yes, four years! while it is still underground. And then it sprouts and grows so fast, and I mean fast, say, like up to 90 feet in less than 2 months, such that it recovers the four years that it spend as a seed buried in the soil. But that is not the kind of bamboo species that you want for your hedge or garden. You want a species that can grow moderately fast and give your garden the ornamental quality and aesthetic value that you are looking for. Planting bamboo…
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Image of trees for your garden

How to Choose the Right Trees for Your Garden

From selecting shade trees to selecting trees for breaking the wind (wind breakers), there is so much to consider when you are selecting the right trees for your garden. Trees play a significant role in enhancing the beauty and the freshness of the air in our home. In addition, the sound of the cockatoos and other birds is just so welcoming. Make trees for your garden your legacy because for sure they are going to outlive you. When you pass on, you would like to be remembered and you would love generations to enjoy the goodness of your trees. Trees provide shade for the hot summer days when you would…
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