Image of a timber deck

Decorating Your Outdoor Timber Deck

Your outdoor timber deck will be your sanctuary during the hot season of summer. Make it livable! Decorating your outdoor timber deck should not be too hard and it should not cost you too much money if you get the right people for the job. Since you will be spending a lot of time here, and you will be welcoming guests too, it is only fair that your deck looks impressive enough. If it is an old deck, all you need is to get a professional floor sanding guy to come in and do if for you. In fact, if you are in the Melbourne area, Affinity Floor Sanding has been restoring timber decks and flooring for over 20 years! Charlie always does a great job.

Image of a timber deck

When decorating, there are many things to consider, but the chief most of them all is simplicity. Your deck should be simple. Believe me, adding too much detail to the deck will just turn it into a ramshackle of things that will be an eyesore instead of being an attraction.

Stepping up the deck

Don’t you just love outdoor timber decks that have those large steps extending from end to end? What a great place to sit down and catch the sunset if your deck faces west! Note that these steps should be wide, and make them just a few, say, about three only. Why is stepping up the deck important? Because you will extend the living area by a few square feet, and you will have a nice place to rest with the young ones.

Deck furniture

This is another of the most important consideration when you are decorating your deck. It doesn’t make sense at all to have great deck decorations and then use beaten chairs made of metal or wood and do an injustice to the deck. Hit the shops and get some good outdoor cushions and pillows for your outdoor chairs. These are made of tough fabric that can withstand outdoor use. Try the neutral colors or the stripped varieties as they will complement the metal or wooden furniture that you use for your deck.

Color theme

Have some color theme for your deck. This could be the same color as you have used for the exterior of your home, or it could be a light contrast to that. However, be careful so that what color you choose does not clash heavily with what you have for your home. Find out which colors are best for the deck. Get a few rugs and drop them for effect more than for use. Make sure that their color compliments that of the decks.

Some plants?

Yes indeed. Why not try some potted plants and flowers that can add more bloom to the summer? Just make sure that the containers are not in contact with the wooden deck to avoid condensation and damage to the deck. If you would like to create some privacy around the deck, try some hedges of the evergreen variety on the side of the road. However, make sure that they are planted some distance away from the deck to prevent damage.

Elevating your deck

Now, this one will make your deck a good-looker, considering that it will create a picture of a deck stacked on another deck. Flat does not look appealing, but adding some elevation gives it a new look altogether.


There are probably a thousand and one ideas for decorating your outdoor timber deck. However, you cannot try everything out at the same time. These few tips in this post will make your deck more appealing.