Landscape With Pool Privacy In Mind Using Plants

When you’re swimming in your beautifully landscaped eco-pool area, you want to make sure you’re not being gawked at by neighbours or passersby. Having a measure of privacy is important to all of us. However, a lot of fencing can make the area around our home seem prison-like and cagey. The solution? Using plants as fencing. It’s pleasing to the eye and it’s not so in-your-face to your neighbours. Plants tend to make situations nicer.

There are many ways you can use plants as privacy walls. You can either plant tall shrubs, trees, or climbing vines in the ground or use planters to plant them in. You can have string or other structures to help guide the vines to grow to help provide the privacy you need.
Eco Pools swimming pool builders gives advice on some of the types of plants that are the best for green privacy walls.

1. Evergreen trees. If you want to have lasting privacy, evergreen trees are the way to go. Their leaves never fall off all at once, and they stay constantly green – as they’re aptly named. Whatever the season, they’ll provide privacy.

2. Grass. Pick grass that grows really tall and that becomes bushy when full grown. Grass is hard to kill and thrives outdoors. They’re the easiest to maintain for a privacy wall.

3. Shrubs. Pick shrubs like laurel that grow tall and full. They will need trimming on the sides to give that wall-like shape you need so their branches don’t take over the swimming pool area.

4. Bamboo. Bamboo is ideal in that it grows and reproduces fast. It is also hard to kill. It basically just needs water and sunlight and it will thrive. These can do better than most plants in planters.

5. Vines. Vines can be helped to grow properly with the help of netting and climbing structures. If the climate allows for it, kiwi plants and passion fruit plants are great vines to use for cover and also gives you fruit in due season. You can enjoy a passion fruit drink by the pool from time to time.

6. Horsetail plant. These also grow well in planters. Their stick-like structure can give your green wall a unique and stylish look.

7. Fruit trees. Why plant trees that produce no fruit? Fruit trees can provide great cover while giving you seasonal fruit to eat.

Whatever you pick to protect the privacy of your eco pool, you can be sure that the landscaping with the greenery added to surround your yard will look amazing.