5 Great Tips To Safely Move Your Furniture

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Moving into a new home? You’ll love getting in and making the most of the backyard, but before you get to that you need to make sure you get moved in safely. So here are 5 tips to safely move your furniture.

Sliding Furniture is Preferable to Lifting It

Most pieces of furniture should be slid across a room rather than hauled across the room. While some professionals know how to lift heavy objects safely without causing serious injuries to their muscles, bones and spines. Because furniture can be so heavy, particularly older pieces of furniture, this will save your muscles and skeleton a lot of agony unless you know what you’re doing. Given as most people don’t know what they’re doing, this makes sliding furniture over lifting and carrying a pretty good idea.

This is not the perfect solution for all pieces of furniture, however, and smaller pieces of furniture such as light desks, computer chairs and foot rests are better served being carried. However, if you do lift furniture, it is a smart idea to use your legs rather than your arms and shoulders, as well as keeping your back as straight as you can.

Pull, Don’t Push

Pushing seems to be an obvious and far less painful solution to moving heavy pieces of furniture and for some lighter pieces of furniture, this is true. However, a specialized pulling routine can in fact be less painful and more effective than pushing. It starts by putting an arm on any side of the furniture you want, be it the back of a sofa or either side of a desk. Then, place your feet some inches away. When that’s done, brace yourself with yours and then lower your body, almost as if you were about to sit down. Then, pull yourself back, bringing your furniture along with you. Combined with sliders, be they focused appliances or makeshift devices, this can move even heavy sofas and beds with surprising ease.

Empty It Out

This one sounds obvious, but the human need for saving time and energy often fools us into thinking we should move the contents with the furniture. Don’t make that mistake. It takes time to empty out a piece of furniture, but it’s worth. It will be an easier move on your part, no matter how you’re moving the furniture. Further, it will reduce the odds that something will fall out and possibly even get damaged or create a huge mess that will only slow down your moving schedule. It takes time, but it is more than worth it to empty out furniture first before moving it.

Make it Easier on Yourself

When sliding furniture, there are ways to make the process easier. Sliding cardboard, towels or dish rags beneath a piece of furniture’s legs will make sliding it around far easier than it would be and less prone to serious damage to the legs than if you had simply begun sliding it around. Lifting the piece of furniture up to insert these simple tools is ill advised, but quite possible. Still, it is preferable to rock the piece of furniture back and forth slightly and carefully in order to slowly and gently insert the tool beneath the legs of the furniture.

Once you’ve got sliders under all four or more legs (furniture can in fact get some what strange these days), then you can begin pushing the furniture through your home as you see fit. On carpet, smooth cardboard is recommended as material for moving furniture around. When moving furniture across bare floors, towels and dish rags are preferred.

Magic Sliders

These devices are simple products intended to be placed beneath the legs of a piece of furniture that enable it to be slid across a floor with far, far more ease than it normally would. These devices can be both permanently affixed to furniture or moved into place like makeshift sliders temporarily, towards mostly the same results. Furniture with these devices beneath them, whether permanent or temporary appliances, move across floors with enormous ease, being able to be moved by virtually any adult human being, no matter how old, small or frail.

These devices are built for durability for obvious reasons and can last some years before needing replacement. However, these devices, even temporary reusable ones, can be quite costly and unless you can afford to equip all your furniture with these sliding devices, you will likely be spending a lot of time moving temporary sliders from one piece of furniture to the others.

If you live on the East Cost of Australia, and planning on moving interstate, we highly recommend you use a reputable furniture removalist company. There are a few around so it would pay to see their reviews. One in particular that we can vouch for is Brisk Transport because their service is of such a high standard. You can see them on Facebook if you’re into that sort of thing. We prefer to stay in the garden then moving heavy furniture. So get back to it and we’ll see you next post.