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Image of trees for your garden

How to Choose the Right Trees for Your Garden

Image of trees for your garden

From selecting shade trees to selecting trees for breaking the wind (wind breakers), there is so much to consider when you are selecting the right trees for your garden. Trees play a significant role in enhancing the beauty and the freshness of the air in our home. In addition, the sound of the cockatoos and other birds is just so welcoming. Make trees for your garden your legacy because for sure they are going to outlive you. When you pass on, you would like to be remembered and you would love generations to enjoy the goodness of your trees.

Trees provide shade for the hot summer days when you would like to rest outdoors. However, perhaps the most important thing about them is that they increase the aesthetic outlook of the yard. Thus, it is best to choose a tree that is used widely as an ornamental plant. If you would like your garden to look good, go for the best trees.

Considerations for the best trees for your garden

As you will find out later, not all trees are great for your garden. Thus, you will have to consider a few things when you are buying trees for your garden.

Is the tree going to thrive among other garden plants that you intend to plant? Some trees are not good for the garden because they take up too much nutrients, leaving the soil a bit too lean and infertile.

Three kinds of trees for your garden

Windbreaks and screening trees

Windbreaker trees help to counter high winds and storms. They are evergreen, they are dense, and therefore when they are planted close together, they are going to give your home the privacy that it needs. You have never seen a better buffer against the wind and other elements of the weather than these trees. You should consult our experts to know what side of the garden you should plant the trees, that is, northern, southern, eastern or western side depending on where you live and where winds and storms come from.

Screening trees, on the other hand, are suitable for providing privacy and blocking noise. They are usually columnar in shape, and the leaves should almost start from the ground to create maximum efficiency. A few examples of such trees include fir, holly and Leyland cypress.

Specimen or ornamental trees for your garden

Specimen or ornamental trees create a good ambiance and a beautiful lasting impression. Planting them strategically at focal points such as in entrances enhances the exterior decor a lot. It is important to select trees with attractive flowers and bark to appeal to all. Try crabapple, jacaranda, flowering Cherry, magnolia and Japanese maple. The latter is especially good, what with the different colors of its flowers and the sizable height of between 3 and 20 feet!

Shade trees for your garden

Everyone loves to sit under a tree during the hot summers. Shade trees for your garden have broad shaped leaves to block the sun’s rays during summer days. In the winter, they shed their leaves, thus allowing whatever little sunshine is available to penetrate through for the benefit of the rest of the garden.

Shade trees like elm, ash, linden and beech also enhance beauty with their flowers. In addition, the fallen leaves are great for foliage and mulch, making your garden more fertile.

Now that you know the best kinds of trees for your garden, will you just go and buy? Definitely not! You will want to consult a specialist so that you can know your soil pH, minerals, nutrients level and so on.

Do you live near the town? You may need a tree that will withstand the pollution of the urban centers. If you live in a cold place, you need a tree that can withstand a lot of cold… and so on and so forth.