Who We Are

The Green Team Profile

We are the Green Team! We love gardening and landscaping. Australia has so many incredible plant varieties, and they all have so many uses! So our goal is to try to find out as much as possible about these plants and find ways to use them for landscaping, gardening, decoration, and other ideas.

We love our job. Being outdoors in the fresh air and the warm sun is so satisfying. The smell of rich soil and fresh vegetables is someone therapeutic! The smell of fertilizer doesn’t always have the same effect though – just keeping it real.

If you would like to share some ideas with us – please do. We love sharing ideas. Especially when it comes to protecting the environment. We are all for eco-friendly design and recycling.

So thanks again for visiting our blog. We know it isn’t much, but we prefer to spend our time in the garden then at a computer! All the best with your gardening and landscaping endeavors! This is truly Nature’s Best Landscaping blog!